Felbamate Tablet Breastfeeding

American Academy of Pediatrics and other medical experts exclusively recommend to breastfeed the baby for first 6 months. Once you introduce baby to other foods it is recommended to breastfeed for at least first year of babys life. Taking medication while breastfeeding could be tricky as most drugs pass in breast milk. In this article we will evaluate Felbamate Tablet for its safety in breastfeeding.

What is Felbamate Tablet used for?

Felbamate tablets, USP is not indicated as a first line antiepileptic treatment (see Warnings ). Felbamate is recommended for use only in those patients who respond inadequately to alternative treatments and whose epilepsy is so severe that a substantial risk of aplastic anemia and/or liver failure is deemed acceptable in light of the benefits conferred by its use. If these criteria are met and the patient has been fully advised of the risk, and has provided written acknowledgement, felbamate can be considered for either monotherapy or adjunctive therapy in the treatment of partial seizures, with and without generalization, in adults with epilepsy and as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of partial and generalized seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome in children.

Is Felbamate Tablet usage safe while breastfeeding? If a lactating mother is using it can there be any effect on growth or development of infant?

Felbamate Tablet high risk while breastfeeding
As Felbamate Tablet is made of only Felbamate, and Felbamate is unsafe to use in breastfeeding we can safely reach on conclusion that Felbamate Tablet is also unsafe to use while breastfeeding. Below is detailed analysis of Felbamate and Felbamate Tablet during location. We recommend you to go through provided detailed analysis as below take decision accordingly. We also recommend you talk to your health care provider before making final decision.

Statement of Manufacturer/Labeler about breastfeeding usage
Nursing Mothers Felbamate has been detected in human milk. The effect on the nursing infant is unknown (see Pregnancy section).

Felbamate Tablet Breastfeeding Analsys

Felbamate while Breastfeeding


CAS Number: 25451-15-4

There is an increased risk of aplastic anemia and liver failure to the mother.

Felbamate Tablet Breastfeeding Analsys - 2

Felbamate while Breastfeeding

CAS Number: 25451-15-4

Because no information is available on the use of felbamate during breastfeeding, and because it can cause potentially fatal hematologic and hepatic toxicities, authors of authoritative reviews recommend that breastfeeding not be undertaken during maternal felbamate therapy until more safety data are available.[1][2]

Is Felbamate Tablet safe while breastfeeding

I already used Felbamate Tablet and meanwhile I breastfed my baby should I be concerned?

If you observer abnormal behavior or any other health issue in infant then you should immediately call 911 or contact other contact other emergency service provider in your area otherwise closely monitor the baby and inform your doctor about your Felbamate Tablet usage and time interval of breastfeeding.

I am nursing mother and my doctor has suggested me to use Felbamate Tablet, is it safe?

If your doctor knows that you are breastfeeding mother and still prescribes Felbamate Tablet then there must be good reason for that as Felbamate Tablet is considered unsafe, It usually happens when doctor finds that overall advantage of taking outweighs the overall risk.

If I am using Felbamate Tablet, will my baby need extra monitoring?

Yes, Extra monitoring is required if mother is using Felbamate Tablet and breastfeeding as it is considered unsafe for baby.

Who can I talk to if I have questions about usage of Felbamate Tablet in breastfeeding?

National Womens Health and Breastfeeding Helpline: 800-994-9662 (TDD 888-220-5446) 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday

National Breastfeeding Helpline: 0300-100-0212 9.30am to 9.30pm, daily
Association of Breastfeeding Mothers: 0300-330-5453
La Leche League: 0345-120-2918
The Breastfeeding Network supporter line in Bengali and Sylheti: 0300-456-2421
National Childbirth Trust (NCT): 0300-330-0700

National Breastfeeding Helpline: 1800-686-268 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Telehealth Ontario for breastfeeding: 1-866-797-0000 24 hours a day, 7 days a week