I am a breastfeeding mother and i want to know if it is safe to use Pelvicol? Is Pelvicol safe for nursing mother and child? Does Pelvicol extracts into breast milk? Does Pelvicol has any long term or short term side effects on infants? Can Pelvicol influence milk supply or can Pelvicol decrease milk supply in lactating mothers?

Pelvicol lactation summary

Pelvicol is safe in breastfeeding
  • DrLact safety Score for Pelvicol is 1 out of 8 which is considered Safe as per our analyses.
  • A safety Score of 1 indicates that usage of Pelvicol is mostly safe during lactation for breastfed baby.
  • Our study of different scientific research also indicates that Pelvicol does not cause any serious side effects in breastfeeding mothers.
  • Most of scientific studies and research papers declaring usage of Pelvicol safe in breastfeeding are based on normal dosage and may not hold true for higher dosage.
  • Score calculated using the DrLact safety Version 1.2 model, this score ranges from 0 to 8 and measures overall safety of drug in lactation. Scores are primarily calculated using publicly available case studies, research papers, other scientific journals and publically available data.

Answer by Dr. Ru: About Pelvicol usage in lactation

A fibrous-protein type which is a component of the mammalian connective tissue forming the attachment fibers of all tissues in the organism (bone, cartilage, tendons, skin, muscles, etc.). It represents one-third of total body's protein content and is composed by amino acids. Pelvicol has a great variety of medical, surgical, nutritional and industrial uses such as grafts, sutures, hemostatic products, subcutaneous implants and fillers, pill and capsule covering, glue and cement manufacturing, parts of musical instrument, cosmetic gels, food, photographic and pharmaceutical industry. Pelvicol, because of its fibrous nature, is very difficult to chew and digest. To be used as a food it needs to be boiled and treated with various chemicals that break down the bonds and convert it into the so-called hydrolyzed, denatured Pelvicol or gelatin, which is marketed as powder or tablets for various medicinal or health uses like arthritis, joint pains, weight loosing, anti-aging, strengthening of the hair or nails, improvement of the physical fitness and so on, all of them without any serious scientific basis that would guarantee effectiveness (EFSA 2011, EFSA 2013, MedlinePlus Supplements 2015, Revenga 2015). Because of a protein nature it is digested by the gastrointestinal tract and absorbed itself as a form of amino acids as those of any other meat. Pelvicol as a supplement is not necessary at all whenever a healthy and balanced diet is followed.

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