I am a breastfeeding mother and i want to know if it is safe to use Cascara Sagrada? Is Cascara Sagrada safe for nursing mother and child? Does Cascara Sagrada extracts into breast milk? Does Cascara Sagrada has any long term or short term side effects on infants? Can Cascara Sagrada influence milk supply or can Cascara Sagrada decrease milk supply in lactating mothers?

Cascara Sagrada lactation summary

Cascara Sagrada usage has low risk in breastfeeding
  • DrLact safety Score for Cascara Sagrada is 3 out of 8 which is considered Low Risk as per our analyses.
  • A safety Score of 3 indicates that usage of Cascara Sagrada may cause some minor side effects in breastfed baby.
  • Our study of different scientific research indicates that Cascara Sagrada may cause moderate to no side effects in lactating mother.
  • Most of scientific studies and research papers declaring usage of Cascara Sagrada low risk in breastfeeding are based on normal dosage and may not hold true for higher dosage.
  • While using Cascara Sagrada We suggest monitoring child for possible reactions. It is also important to understand that side effects vary largely based on age of breastfed child and time of medication in addition to dosage.
  • Score calculated using the DrLact safety Version 1.2 model, this score ranges from 0 to 8 and measures overall safety of drug in lactation. Scores are primarily calculated using publicly available case studies, research papers, other scientific journals and publically available data.

Answer by Dr. Ru: About Cascara Sagrada usage in lactation

The bush bark is used.It contains anthraquinone (cascarosides) irritant, tannins and resins.Unproven properties: laxative.Indications according to Commission E of the German Ministry of Health: constipation, purge for pre-surgical and pre-exploration procedures. According to old reports that are not well-documented, may be excreted into breast milk and can cause diarrhea in infants. Other laxatives are considered safer like bulk forming ones, osmotic ones, emollient or lubricants. It is critical to follow a balanced and rich-in-fiber diet as well as an adequate fluid intake and routinely exercising. The American Academy of Pediatrics: medication that is usually compatible with breastfeeding.

Answer by DrLact: About Cascara Sagrada usage in lactation

Maternal cascara intake might cause loose stools in some breastfed infants and should be avoided.[1] Other laxatives are preferred.

Cascara Sagrada Side Effects in Breastfeeding

In 2 uncontrolled studies, a total of 10 of 22 breastfed neonates appeared to have loose stools after administration of 65 mg of cascara as cascara fluidextract to their mothers.[2] In an observational case series, no cases of diarrhea were observed among the breastfed infants of 142 mothers who received 400 mg of cascara extract on day 3 postpartum.[3] This result might have been because of the small amount of colostrum received by the infants of this age.
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